Match Three Pirates 2 Review

Match Three Pirates II

Game description from the publisher 

“Enjoy the great Match 3 Pirate Adventure. Form groups of three or more crabs, canons, steering wheels, explosives and other pirate items to unlock powerful boosters and complete all level goals. Use the right strategy, earn coins and build your own great theme park on Pirate Island. 

After Bobby has freed all pirates from the clutches of the ruthless Davy Jones, the pirates are finally enjoying a free life. They feel at home on their happy island, however without the joyful, carefree laughter of children, Pirate Island is awful quiet. Then, suddenly the clever Bobby has a brilliant idea. The pirate captain suggests building a theme park in the pirate world. This will be a 100% guaranty that laughter and joy will be all over the island. Help the pirates in this cheerful Match 3 Game to build an amazing amusement park to change the island into a world full of adventure and fun!” 


In this sequel you will once again play a ridiculous hard game, but the power ups will help you to get enough coins. I no longer do well under timed pressure, ergo my M3’s are always played in Casual Mode. The cool thing about this game is that you aren’t penalized for playing in Casual Mode. You get all the stars, power ups and coins to build the Pirate Park. 

There is no option to skip the tutorial, but for once the little pop ups are far from annoying. The whole presentation is just adorable. 

The objective is to delay finishing each level until you’ve matched as many tiles with tiny coins as possible. On level completion, you can immediately return and gather up more coins before heading to the scoreboard. 


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